The main body of the house, where our guests will be hosted, was built in late 17th
century, we have hand-drowned maps of that time showing it. It was and always remained a house for
peasants, even after 1994 when we bought it and decided to change our lives completely!

Our passion for nature and animals is clearly visible, just look around you...Especially horses
can have a privileged accomodation in our brand-new stable, a unique service given by La
Corte Gialla to all customers travelling with their animals and trailers.

In the large garden surrounding the House our guests can enjoy (in the right season, of
course...) the swimming pool (included in the rooms cost) or simply having a drink under the

And last but not least, Chiara and Alida, landladies and managers of La Corte Gialla, can let you
taste the fantastic flavours of some 100% local products, all of them made in-house by

So, come and discover La Corte Gialla!!


La Corte Gialla is located only 4 Km far from Carpi, a city of 70.000 inhabitants, famous for its
textile business. Carpi has a magnificent square, the second largest in Italy after Vaticans! And
the Cathedral is also a masterpiece of Romanic style, worth being visited.

Moving southwards for 12 km, you reach Modena, one of the most important towns of our
Region, which offers plenty of attractions, from food ( Bottura Restaurant is here..) to art ( the
Cathedral and the clock tower Ghirlandina are indisputable pieces of Art) to motors( Ferrari,
Lamborghini...) .

You definetely will not get bored!